WEITAI Final Drive Workshop Introduction

WEITAI Final Drive is the critical component of the manufacturing final drive in the production of undercarriage components for the aftermarket. It is manufactured by WEITAI.

WEITAI Hydraulic is positioned at the forefront of the world’s final drive supply chain, working closely with each of its customers.

WEITAI is primarily a manufacturer of final drives and swing drives for tracked drive equipment, and it is a prominent player in the global final drive supply chain for tracked drive equipment.

Using an ISO9001 Quality Management System and 6S On-Site Lean Management, WEITAI final drive workshop produces high-quality final drives.

  • Raw Materials Management

The selection of raw materials is the first step in the manufacturing of the final drive. Long-term vendors ensure that supplies are consistent and delivered on schedule. The on-site inspection ensures accurate quality control because it is 100 percent thorough. Raw materials that are 100 percent qualified can be kept on hand in the Raw Materials Stock Center and placed on different shelves in the warehouse.

  • Automatic Machine Center

A large portion of the WEITAI workshop is devoted to the integrated automatic manufacturing line and CNC machining center, which are used to manufacture 90 percent of the primary components of each final drive. It is placed next to the Automatic Machined Center, in a big Quality Center, which ensures that the precision for each measurement is qualified and accurate.

  • Assemble Center

The Assembly Center has three main auto assembly lines: the motor assembly line, the gearbox assembly line, and the final drive assembly line. The motor assembly line is the largest of the three.

The testing procedures differ from those used in the assembly:

-Motor testing is performed to evaluate the overall performance of the motor, including its pressure, displacement, and volume efficiency.

-Gearbox Testing is used to ensure that each component is mechanically compatible.

-Pressure Testing is used to verify that the motor meets all specifications and performs optimally under the testing pressure.

  • Painting & Packing Lines

Towards the end of the manufacturing line, you will find the painting lines and packing lines, respectively.

Recently, all of these production areas were rearranged as part of a continuous improvement philosophy that was applied by waste reduction teams that were dedicated to waste reduction.

When it comes to the assembly stage, when cleanliness and reproducibility are critical criteria, extreme caution is exercised. In order to be assembled, all of the components are individually cleansed and processed via specialized flow lines that are distinguished by type and size. Each line is intended to maximize the efficiency of its separate processes, and all products are evaluated in-line to ensure that they meet specifications. This ensures that the correct sealing method is followed, as well as an accurate assembly procedure. After being assembled, the items are sent to two automated painting lines, which are then transported to the palletizing stations.

With its high productivity and effective administration of the manufacturing process, the WEITAI facility is recognized as a center of excellence for the China final drive workshop industry. One of the most important centers of research and development in the world, distinguished by its strong drive towards the future.

Continue to follow us to find out more about the final drive details and schedule.

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