Swash Plate Axial Piston Motor (pump) introduction

Hydraulic motors are divided into high speed and low-speed hydraulic motors according to their rated speed.

The hydraulic motor in WEITAI Travel Motor is a high-speed hydraulic motor whose structure is swash plate axial piston type.

The working principle of the swash plate axial piston Motor is as following:

Swash Plate Axial Piston Motor (Pump)
1-swash plate; 2- piston; 3- cylinder block; 4-valve plate; 5-drive shaft

This hydraulic motor has high volumetric efficiency, which is more than 95%, and the motor output efficiency is high; The motor has a dual-variable function, which is suitable for different working conditions of construction machinery in construction engineering, and outputs different torques, which improves work efficiency.

Therefore, this type hydraulic motor is widely used in construction machinery due to its small size, high power density, compact structure, and high working efficiency.

image 1
All inner parts of Weitai Travel Motors (Pumps) are made by Automatic CNC Machining Centers. It ensures the parts with high accuracy and good repeatability.
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