Rotary Actuator-WL20

Interchangeable with HELAC, HANS, MOVECO


Brief Introduction:

The rotary actuators offer simple and cost-effective solutions to move, support, and position rotating loads in countless applications.

The actuators are designed to replace multiple components and function as a rotating device, mounting bracket, and bearing, all-in-one.

They feature tremendous torque output and exceptional load-bearing capability in compact dimensions.

Series Torque (output Torque/100) Angle (Other angles available) Output Mount Counterbalance valve Seal
WL20 2, 3, 6, 10, 16, 27, 72 180° Q: front flange

S: double flange

D: foot

M: straddle

Y: with valve

W: no valve

A: aluminum

J: Imported

G: Chinese brand D: low temp


● Powerful: high torque, high bearing capacity

● Durable: moving parts enclosed, suitable for harsh environments

● Compact: high power density, fit in tight spaces.

● Hold position: Zero internal leakages, smooth operation, no external brake required

● Simplifies: Eliminates bearing, linkages & brackets, reduces bill of materials, simplifies the supply chain, assembly, and maintenance

● Back drives in overload conditions: Hydraulic fuse prevents mechanical damage.

Our Advantage

1, More than 30 years in the Fluid Power industry.
2, Improved structure based on famous brands.
3, OEM Rotary Actuator supplier in China domestic machinery manufactures.
4, Parts are precisely machined Automatic Producing Line.
5, Real testing for every motor before packing.
6, One full year warranty.
7, Professional international service team to help you.


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