Hydraulic Rotary Actuator WL10 Series

  • WEITAI WL10 Series is the smallest and most compact rotary actuator. It is widely used in equipment with premium space, with extremely high thrust capacity and high shock resistance with 180° or 360° rotation, in a compact structure.
  • Interchangeable with HELAC, HANS, and MOVECO.
  • Application Industry: Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Marine, Material Handling, Military, Mining, Truck/Trailer


Technical Specification

They feature tremendous torque output and exceptional load-bearing capability in compact dimensions.

Series Torque (output Torque/100) Angle (Other angles available) Output Mount Counterbalance valve Seal
WL10 2, 3, 6, 10, 16, 27 180°, 360° Q: front flange H: rear flange Y: with valve W: no valve A: aluminum J: Imported G: Chinese brand D: low temp
WEITAI Rotary Actuator Model Code
WEITAI Rotary Actuator Model Code
weitai rotary actuator feature
WEITAI rotary actuator feature
Mounting Options

rotary actuator mounting options

Part Number Series for WL10
WL10-3.0 series; WL10-5.5 series; WL10-9.5 series; WL10-15 series etc.


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