The marketing trend is stronger than ever befroe. Have you got the enough stock for the final drives for 2021, and even 2022?

Final Drive

Intherchangeable with PHV Series, MAG Series, JMV Series, BMV Series, 700CK Series, 700CT Series, PMCI Series, etc.

Swing Drive

Interchangeable with PCR Series, MSG Series, M2X Series, M5X Series

Wheel Drive

Interchangeable with MCR Series, MS Series, etc.

Workshop Overview

Automatic Assemble Center

High efficient work to make the production capacity can be 500 units per day. 

Raw Materials Warehouse

100% raw materials test for each piece. Sufficient stock for each raw material to ensure a shorter leading time for every customer.

Precision Quality Inspection

100% test for each piece of the parts and motor, Use the best inspecition equipment such as the ZEISS 3-Coordinate
Measuring Machine and the Mitutoyo measuring instruments.

Featured Classes

What Our customers say

It's really nice to do business with WEITAI Hydraulic. They have so much marketing experience for final drives, which is really helpful for our business.


WEITAI is my firm partner to expand my business. The good final drives and supportive team are so appricated.


Have Your Plan

Feel free to let us know your month, quarter plan for the final drives, slew drives, and wheel drives. 

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