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OEM Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacutrer
Specialized in Standard Hydraulic Cylinder in North America
30+ Years Manufacture Experience

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WEITAI Hydraulic cylinder OFFERS

Stable and solid quality for the standard hydraulic cylinder manfuacture.

We make 100% new hydraulic cylinders with 1 full year warranty for each customers.

Specialized in the North American market for more than 30 years.

20+ years of cooperative relationships with the key distributors in the North American market.

We operate ISO9001 Quality Control Management and make 100% testing to make every hydraulic cylinder counts.

With automatic machining center, the annual production capacity is 120,000 units to ensure the timely supply.

WEITAI Standard Hydraulic Cylinder

tie rod cylinder 01
Tie Rod Cylinder
welded cylinder clevis end 01
Clevis Cylinder
welded cylinder cross tube
Cross Tube Cylinder
snow plow cylinder
Snow Plow Cylinder
telescopic cylinder
Telescopic Cylinder
weitai rotary actuator 02
Rotary Actuator

WEITAI dedicates to making solid-quality hydraulic cylinders and specializes in the standard hydraulic cylinder in the North Amercian market.

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