Contribute to construction machinery based on Hydraulic Parts

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On November 15th, the Annual Meeting of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association Excavation Machinery Branch was held in Yantai, China. Nearly 400 elite representatives from the industrial chain of China excavator manufacturers, suppliers, and agents presented in the meeting.

Collecting wisdom, cohesiveness, conducting market analysis and discussion with strategic height and strategic thinking, jointly positioning and discovering the future development direction of China’s mining machinery industry in the new era, exploring the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and the transformation to high quality and sustainable development.

WEITAI Hydraulic, as a fast developing company in the Hydraulic parts of Construction Machinery, is taking our own effort to make a contribution for Chinese Industry development.

We are leading the steps of Chines Hydraulic Companies in Hydraulic Motors, Hydraulic Cylinders, and Hydraulic Systems. Continuing support best Chinese-made Hydraulic parts for customers all over the world.

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