WEITAI Hydraulic - Our History


WEITAI Hydraulic was estabilshed.

WEITAI Hydraylic started to produce and sell hydraulic cylinders, providing high-quality hydraulic products to domestic and foreign hydraulic industry dealers and large-scale construction machinery manufacturers.

WEITAI final drive

2010 - 2015

WEITAI Hydraulic expanded the product range.

WEITAI Hydraulic started to engage in the production and sales of hydraulic motors and rotary cylinders, gradually expanding its product range.

WEITAI rotary actuator

2015 - 2020

Engaged in hydraulic axial piston pump

WEITAI Hydraulic has invested in the construction of a hydraulic piston pump factory to achieve independent research and development, production, and manufacturing of hydraulic piston pump products.

2020 - today

Keep exploring the field of mobile hydraulic

In the future, WEITAI Hydraulic will keep deeply exploring mobile hydraulics to improve the future with our customers worldwide.